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PT. ROBIANS TALENTA ABADI is a company that intensively moves and runs its business in the field of providing creative products with a touch of Islamic calligraphy and ornaments, concentrating on organizing exhibition events, art galleries, art supply, printing and design.


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

  • Products with a touch of art

    Every series of products that are made and issued, always have special quality because of the touch of art in it.

  • Iconic Awarded Design

    Our design is featured across multiple marketplaces and awarded for its looks. Walk-through and enjoy the visuals.

  • Featurewise Complete

    Without a doubt, Kallyas is one of the most complete, being packed with all the goodies and sweet gems.

  • Mature project

    In time, gathering awesome feedback from our loyal customers, Kallyas became a mature, stable and future-proof project.

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